28 October 2011

Product Review: Solar Powered USB Charger

I've mentioned in a previous post about the concerns I'd had around keeping myself occupied on my trip to Pakistan. Usually I take my iPod (no, I don't own an iPhone!) when I go travelling as it compact and  contains music, games, videos and spoken books which can keep me occupied for hours.  It seemed like the ideal thing to bring, but there was one teeny tiny little catch - we didn't have access to electricity for 17 days of the trek and once the battery went flat it would be dead weight.  It seemed like the most logical and weight efficient option, but for that small catch of what to do once the battery had run out!

05 October 2011

Sunday means Ultimate Frisbee

Nearly every weekend we get together (usually at the Botanic Gardens) for a game of Ultimate Frisbee, followed by dinner at a local food court.  Its a great way to end the weekend.  If you want to join, you can find the Facebook group here.