25 September 2011

Product Review: Monopoly Deal Cards

I, and I'm assuming most of you, have great memories of playing Monopoly.  Hours of strategy, highs when you win, disappointments when you lose and for some people winning was all that mattered - no matter what it took to achieve this goal.  So I was very excited when I stumbled across a set of Monopoly Deal Cards at the checkout of my local supermarket before I departed on my trip to Pakistan.  I had been very concerned as to how I was going to keep myself occupied during the trek (limited weight and no electricity for 3 weeks) and this seemed like a great idea.  

21 September 2011

Dressing Appropriately (or Not) in Pakistan

Photo from Doug K of Sky
all rights reserved
The slutwalk movement began in April 2011 when a Toronto police officer suggested that to remain safe "women should avoid dressing like sluts1" and even as recently as 4 days ago an official in Jakarta said a similar thing2. I have mixed feelings on this matter.  On the one hand I agree that no woman "asks for it", but on the other I have wondered what some women were thinking based on how they were dressed.  And when you add "what is culturally acceptable" into the mix what is appropriate to wear becomes a very subjective question.

12 September 2011

Accident on Baltoro

How do you describe a trek through one of the more remote places on earth for 13 days; seeing the worlds 2nd highest mountain and 48 hours driving on a road that has been referred to as the 9th wonder of the world?  Awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, an experience?  How would the description change if during the above experience 3 people died and another 2 were seriously injured?

08 September 2011

Quick Update

It has been a while - I know.  I've been travelling in Pakistan and Indonesia for the past 6 weeks and its taken a  little while to get used to staying in the same place (and organising photo's and writing the posts - which is happening so watch this space...)  In the meanwhile, please enjoy some pictures from the amazing views that we experienced on our trek up the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan.
View of K2 at sunrise from Concordia