29 May 2011

Rainstorm and Sunset

Sometimes a rainstorm at sunset gives rise to the most amazing colours. 

Why I Like the Low Cost Airline Model

I can just imagine the comments my readers are thinking about writing just on reading the heading. Low Cost Airlines (LCC's) have a bad reputation, especially that Irish company which shall remain nameless, but as an independent traveller I have found LCC's to be the most cost efficient way to travel when I want to and how  I want to.  So here are 5 reasons why I like LCC's:

21 May 2011

Air Asia Liveries

Recently I had an early (before the sun was up) flight out of Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Terminal (KUL) that included a 10 min walk from the gate to the aeroplane.  Here are pictures of some of the Air Asia fleet in their different liveries*
9M-AFB "Junior Jet Club" Airbus A320-216

Sunday Brunch at Changi Sailing Club

I'm always on the lookout for places to take a break from the rat-race and I found the restaurant at Changi Sailing Club fits the bill perfectly.  Even better - they're open for a shady Sunday morning brunch...

Unfortunately they don't have a large breakfast menu - in fact, there is only one breakfast offer - a Full American Breakfast with egg, bacon, beans and much more - but still worth going.

06 May 2011

Bintan Cycle and Seafood Indulgence

It was 7:30am on 1 April I was just a little concerned that I might be making a fool of myself. I had a new bicycle that I’d only used on a brief training ride the weekend before and studying and other commitments meant that I had not managed to get as much training in as I would’ve hoped. Fortunately my concerns were in vain as it was sunburn rather than lack of fitness that finally got to me and I managed to finish 160kms of the planned 200kms for the trip.