23 May 2010

Recreation in Singapore

Singapore has one of the highest population densities of the world (and the government is encouraging growth).  This means that most of the population live in high-rise, high-density accommodation.  As a result, public recreation spaces are extremely important and this is one of the newest additions.  It is quite compact, but contains shaded spaces, grass for playing on, a running / walking track and exercise stations (which include instructions on stretching). 

General Function Room

With space in Singapore at a premium it can be quite difficult to find a suitable space to have social functions. Traditional meals such as Chinese New Year Celebrations are held at restaurant and hotels, but a kids birthday party? Most of the large private condominums (vs government housing - HDB's) have at least 1 function room which is available for use by the residents. Uses include weddings, meetings, exercise classes and of course... parties