27 January 2010

A Windy Day in Cape Town

It was a windy Saturday where I spent a couple of hours on the water in the south-easter* as it blew through Cape Town. It was the Royal Cape Yacht Club's Croc's Regatta, but this time we were watching the other yachts beating into the wind and waves trying to get around the course that was set for them. It was blowing hard and we knew that things were going to get broken, but we were not racing which meant we could take it easy.

18 January 2010

The Countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup (TM) in South Africa has Begun

Green Point Stadium as seen from Granger Bay in Cape Town

During my holiday in South Africa you couldn't miss the fact that in less than 6 months they will be hosting one of the greatest shows on earth.  The stadiums are finished, the draw has been done and everywhere you look there signs counting down to the start of the tournament.  In places the vibe is tangible and the country seems to be coming together to put on a showcase for the world.*

Since we were awarded the tournament there have been the nay-sayers who maintain that it will be an embarrassment and a blight that the country’s reputation will never recover from, but South Africa does have a very successful track record of hosting international events -

10 January 2010

Your Dive Buddy - 1st Edition

Welcome to the January 2010 edition of Your Dive Buddy - a place to share your experience and inspire others when planning their next trip.
Shannon ODonnell starts off the selection with Diving with fishies on the Great Barrier Reef posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying, "Two gorgeous days on a live aboard boat on Australia's Great Barrier Reef - a classic dive spot in anyone's books!"