14 December 2009

Breakfast at Royal Cape Yacht Club - Cape Town

I thought I'd share some a sight from Cape Town while I am on holiday here. Enjoy.

Bagpipes, Men in Kilts and Haggis - Are You Sure We're in Singapore?

I was lucky enough to attend the 175th Anniversary of the Feast of St Andrew which was held recently in Singapore. It was an evening full of ladies looking elegant in their ball gowns, men wearing kilts or black tie, pipers, poetry in scottish brogues and lots of dancing.

05 December 2009

15 Reasons to Visit Cape Town

I am finally on holiday and I am really looking forward to flying off to spend some time in Cape Town and Kwa Zulul Natal (KZN) in the next couple of days.  Cape Town is a stunning city with so much to do and see and is not to be missed.  I recently ran a Twitter campaign with reasons to visit Cape Town and I thought I'd consolidate them and share them again: