24 August 2009

North Korea, Vietnam and China - The Communist Tour

With a great deal of difficulty I have managed to pick out a handful of pictures that show the highlights of my recent travels to North Korea, Vietnam and China. Enjoy the pictures and watch this space for more stories from my travels.

A collage of images from the trip

16 August 2009


Hello all. Today's post arrived in my mail-box just over a year ago. It was written in Afrikaans and once I'd found my dictionary and worked out what it was about I enjoyed it so much that I knew that it needed to be shared. I have translated it into English, but you can read the original (well worth it if you can) here. Any awkwardness in the writing is due to the translation, rather than that of the author.

Thys calls himself a South African accountant who is a world traveller / adventurer at heart. He doesn't have a blog - but if you enjoy this as much as I did please leave a comment below and encourage him to start one as this is a talent that shouldn't be hidden.

From: Thys [mailto:xxx@xxx.com]
Sent: 17 March 2008 01:49 PM
To: Thys
Subject: Amazing!


What an absolute anticlimax today is after a wonderful weekend!

05 August 2009

Crocheting a Coral Reef

I had my first crochet lesson on Wednesday (Thank you Holly.) "Why crochet" you might ask? It is something that I have been contemplating doing for a while. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, tapestry and other sewing crafts are perfect for passing time (and also being productive) whilst crammed in that 21 inches of space you call your own on an aeroplane (and buses and trains). They keep the fingers busy, but don't require too much concentration. The problem is that the security regulations make it next-to impossible to bring needles onto the flight, so I decided to learn to crochet.