26 July 2009

Take Only Pictures or Should I?

My aunt tells a story* - that is now going to be imortalised - of when they moved their home for the last 10 years across the country (which in South Africa is around 900 miles). The children (all teenagers) had been asked to box up their junk to be disposed of. When she walked into her youngest daughters room and saw 2 piles of boxes. One was labeled "Louises Junk - To Be Removed" and the other "Louises Junk - To Be Kept". Louise's response to her mothers exasperation at moving a "pile of junk" across the country was "I've spent years collecting all of this stuff, I can't give it away." (The end to the story is that when they moved back 2 years later the box of junk was untouched.)

20 July 2009

GPS, Maps and a Sand Storm

I have never been a fan of GPS's - yes, they have their place but to me they take away the fun of "getting lost" and the feeling of accomplishment of arriving at your destination based on nothing more than 10 year old memories or having correctly read the map.

The makers of today's car units must've had a sense of humour when they gave the unit a female voice - because a GPS in the car doesn't stop the "back seat driving" by the other woman.

14 July 2009

Blogging Update

While thinking about what to write this week I realised that it is 6 months since I made my first foray into the new world of Blogging. What good time to say "thank you" to everyone who has helped me in this new adventure and let you know what I've achieved.

And what exactly is that?

07 July 2009

Why I Travel

The answer to that question is “because I can”. I don’t have a mission to visit every country in the world or 100 countries before I’m 30. Last year I counted up the number of countries I’d visited and was pleased to find that I’d visited more countries than I was years old (which is more than 30). It was never a goal, just something I checked after the fact.

Having said that I have always been interested in travel. It probably is because it is one of the ways in which I can keep my insatiable appetite for information (the more useless it is the better) fed. When you travel you look at life differently.