29 March 2009

Making Doing Something for Charity a Little Easier

Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

For a long time I have supported charities financially, but at some point I started wanting more. As noble as it is, I did not find giving money very fulfilling. Yes, I could've given more but I didn't think that that was going to allow me to bear witness to the fruits of my labours. I was willing to give up something far more precious - my time - in exchange for feeling a part of making a difference in some-one's life. Once I'd made that decision, the question was how do I go about finding a charity that I believed in and wanted to spend time working with. Funnily enough, that was a very difficult question to find an answer to. You would think that an accountant would be in immediate demand by a charity (even if just as a book keeper), but how to find "the perfect match"?

16 March 2009

The Art of Chivalry from a Woman's Point of View

The practice of chivalry, I am thankful to say, is not dead. I really appreciate the fact that there are still men out there that will stand up and give a woman his seat, or open the door for them. I do not expect them to do this and always try smile or say "thank you" when it happens.

It is however, not without its complications.

09 March 2009

My (Fortunately Small) Collection of Kitch

The Mosque Clock forms the centre piece of my kitch collection. The first clock that I saw was gift that a teacher-friend had received from her pupils in Kuwait. When I saw it, I had to get one of my own so we went to the souk to get it. The alarm is the call to prayer and still gives me the fright of my life when it goes off unexpectedly...

01 March 2009

Why ladies go to the bathroom in pairs

I cannot for the life of me work out why ladies go to “powder their noses” together, despite the fact that I am a lady. (Maybe I'm not, but that is another topic.) It was never an issue. I would watch the other ladies at the table nudge and wink at each other and then tootle off together. This was great – it left me alone to chat with the guys and when the urge to go became overpowering I would politely make my excuses and make my way to the ladies ALONE.
Then the other night, something odd happened.